Public Speaking

Some of my friends attended Bengkel Pengurusan Organisasi 2008 in Pahang few weeks ago. It was a workshop conducted to expose participants to leadership skills and organization management, some sort of that (I didn't attend the programme for sure). I think generally it was a good step taken by the Students' Affairs Department to work out the effort on nurturing tomorrow's leaders (as if), but watching the closing ceremony of Asean University Games 2008 on 21 December 2008 made me suggested that more efforts should be given to the people in higher management to improve themselves before nurturing others.

During the speech of the Deputy HIgher Education Minister, Datuk Idris Harun, I can't help but fell asleep. It was long, monotonous (flat and pitchless), pointless and the worst part of all it was as if a newscaster was reading the news and I believe they were better than you, Datuk. I'm writing this entry to express the importance of a being a good public speaker when you're already a public figure, that requires more than just reputation. It's all about making impact on the audience.

Datuk, the art of giving speeches is not just about reading the text, prepared which I believed not by yourself. When you're in a huge event, such as the Asean University Games, you need to impress everybody with your speech. Even it doesn't matter to you, it matters to the good impression on Malaysia. I personally think you and other Ministers and Deputy Ministers need to attend a workshop on public speaking. Compare Donald Trump and Martha Stewart giving speeches with our Ministers, even they aren't one, they still managed to give good ones.

I don't wish to explain to you how should you improve your speeches since you're more superior than I am. But I seriously think you need to work out on that because technically you're representing the students and the fact that people love to judge others externally, that will only worsen the situation.

Hoping to see you improve. A lot, Datuk.


Dyat said...


Tak dapat pergi sebab kenduri kahwin kakak. Dah minta orang lain ganti.

Tapi yang pengganti tu pun sibuk terlibat Robocon.

Ada tak wakil dari K-Media di BPro?

Dyat said...

Eh baru perasan Ami tak pi gak...

Hehe... bagi pendidikan kat menteri pendidikan.

Idea bagus ni... boleh cuba hantar proposal ni. hehe...