Do I Listen To Chinese Music?

During the holidays, I went to Mines to catch a movie with my sister. Remembering Mines as a heaven of PC games, I looked up for a DVD that I've long wanted.

And that DVD happened to be the entire Jay Chou's albums. So we entered few shops at Level 4 and met disappointment. After making few rounds, I managed to find the DVD which priced me RM 10.

Upon payment, I asked the one of the sales assistants to get me the DVD, and that sales assistant happened to be a Chinese. He asked me twice to ensure I get the DVD correctly and I gave him the confirmation. The best part of all, he asked me this question.

Jay Chou? Sure?
Yup. Really sure!

Then he went to the store to get me the DVD and he was saying something to his colleague in Chinese. I don't really know what they were saying, but I'm sure it has got something to do with my intention to buy the DVD.

I've been listening to Jay Chou's music since I was 14 and often debated with my friends between Wang Lee Hom and Jay Chou, who was better. My answer would always be this talented young lad who managed to inspire me with his music.

Language isn't a barrier and I definitely don't speak Chinese. If you love something, you'll go behind the barrier to get what you want. And I have to tell you that all his albums are a collection of brilliant masterpiece and worth listening to. Do I listen to Chinese music? Yes, I do!


mocQachinno said...

I used to listen to Lee Hom back then but I've never heard any of Jay Chou's.

My mom pun pelik anak dia dgr lagu cina. Pengaruh sekolah cina dlu kot

✿nurul.nuha✿ said...

OMG amir!!! aku pun layan jay chou jugak okayh!! hahaha!~

good2! kita ahli homeroom sejati.. yeahh! =)

Sengal Ubi said...


My mum did the same thing. But the pengaruh is from the Chinese dramas and movies la.


Kau memang ahli homeroom yang sejati. Hahaha~