Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I have been to many wonderful trips without taking pictures to share with you all some of the fantastic moments in my life. Yet, there are words to describe this fabulousity, and that is the good part of language people.

On Friday, 16 January 2009, I finally met my buddy from China. His name is David Kong from Xi'an province. He is an athlete and into swimming, football and table-tennis. He is tall, hairless and thin, but to me he is a bit skinny. One thing I like about my buddy is he is polite and cheerful. There is always a curvy smile on his lips, which I can say he looked friendly enough to befriend with. I was lectured by my Mandarin language teacher, Mr. Lim for coming late to class since I had the buddy meeting earlier but it was worth being scolded when you get to meet good people like David. Perhaps he can help me with my Mandarin and I will surely lend him a helping hand with English.

The following night on Saturday, 17 January 2009, we had a Chinese New Year party at Astaka. I didn't eat with my buddy since I came a bit late and ended up sitting with Jacky, one of my Civilian Chinese friends. The party started with a bang and ended up quite confusing to define. Overall, kudos to Juzailah for the good food especially the Yee Sang and Lemon Chicken, it tasted fantastic. And a standing ovation to King for the fantabulous 24 Season Drums performance, which to me is the best performance of the night and Kumpulan Tarian Kencana Pawana for their Timang Burung modern dance. I wanted to see more as the dance was a bit short and yet the guys managed to come with such a superb yet very energetic performance.

There were many unexpected things happened to Sunday, 18 January 2009 and Miss L is right in expecting the unexpected things. Around 2.00 p.m. I, Aizat, Juwi and Miss L and Aizat's buddy, Enzo (sorry if I spelt your name wrongly) went to Kuantan for lunch, catching a movie and have dinner later on at Santai. I had a good time with Enzo since he responded well to my questions and explanations on places in Kuantan. We had pizzas for lunch and while we were enjoying our lunch, there was a call informing an unexpected news to us. Miss L and Juwi quickly rushed to Kemaman to visit our friends while Aizat and I have to send Enzo back to campus and fatched Acap and Rahim and made our way to Kemaman. Along the way, we stopped at one of the "Sata" stalls since Aizat was craving for it and not bad, it tasted good and were sold at cheap price.

We reached Kemaman around Maghrib and were informed that our friends were well and were allowed to go back. To cover up our frustration, we ate "Char Koey Teow" at the stall in front of the hospital and it tasted really good, as if we were in Penang. Then we headed to Kemasik for Mesra Mall and it wasn't bad after all. It was as if the East Coast Mall in Kuantan is compressed into one level shopping complex and it turned out to be the Mesra Mall. They have Giant Supermarket, Guardian, Toys R Us (which Rahim bought two Star Wars toys), Popular Bookstore (where Aizat and Rahim were browsing for organizers) and Secret Recipe (where they have the best cakes in town). I myself bought a new cap, a box of colourful paperclips and a flower toy which the leaves will move up and down in presence of light (due to the solar system used). Now I have the same flower as Miss L and Aizat's, expect mine is a bit pinky.

And on our way back, Rahim almost got all us killed with his too fast yet not too furious driving. And the trip cost me a whole night stay up to finish up my Microbiology laboratory report. But still, all were worth while. And thank God, everybody were safe and those who were involved in the accident were discharged from the hospital on the same day and one who were asked to stay at the ward was allowed to go back few days later.

It's my turn now to crave for the "Sata". I shall teach David how to eat that food and let him enjoy the greatness of spicy food.

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