I Have Issues

As requested by many, here I am updating my blog.

I have many issues to talk about, yet my eyes are soaring, I don't know if my brain still functioning at the moment.

Sad to say that my two brothers, Afis and Syahrul were involved in an accident last week. And it happened to be that they lost control of the motorcycle at the same place I and Affiq had our accident a month ago. So I accompanied them to the hospital alongside Kak Maya, our staff nurse and there goes my first issue.

The slow service at the hospital really pissed me off. I was not being selfish, wanting my brothers for the doctor consultation as fast as they could. I knew it will take some time as I waited two hours to see the consulted doctor for my injuries a month ago. I told them that this will be a long night for us, having to stay at the hospital. But as I browse around looking at few parents with their infants, my heart yelled. Can't they do something to fasten the consultation? These babies are sick and they are cold, can't the doctors prioritize them?

Then came a girl whose face were pale and sick, I can read her eyes. She looked exactly like my sister and coincidencely my sister were sick too few years back. Yet, she had to wait for almost two hours before she get to see the doctor and she could barely walk as she was freezing. Man, I know it's 2 a.m. and the doctors need their sleep, but it's part of your job description to help out these people when they need you, not doing any administration works instead.

Even in campus, there are four vacancies for doctors, two seats for senior doctors post and another two seats for junior doctors post, and up to date, these seats remained empty. I did talked to Kak Maya and suggested that we hire fresh-graduate doctors who are still bound with the government to fill up the posts but Kak Maya said she has voiced the idea to the management and no considerations given to date.

This is where I started to question on the students welfare again. I have many "what if..." questions that I believe if asked, will torn many hearts apart. And people will question my faith again, for not being thankful. What they don't realize is that this is part of the safety questions and no parties should compromise with this kind of issues. I'm not talking about myself here. I'm giving up my points representing those people who felt unsecured all the while with these issues.

I admire Bro Dayat for his bravery, commenting the management on issues like this. You may say whatever you like but you have to remember the fact that the power lies on the university management, not the students. If we don't voice out our concerns, then no one will stand for us.

Sorry for any grammatical errors. I'm really sleepy and I'm really eager to publish this post. Have a good day people.


Dalila Husni said...

wah, betul2..kalau bukan kite yg nak voice out, sape lagi kan

Dyat said...

Salam ami,

Sebelum mememokan kepada MPP saya cuba mencari ruang memo kepada NC untuk cc kan pada beliau, kerana ini kes berulang.. tapi tidak jumpa.

Alhamdulilah sudah ada warning light di lencongan bercerun tu. Tapi rasanya perlukan lagi illuminating signs.

Lepas ini insyaAllah saya akan karang pula aduan kepada MPK, JKR dan ADUN Gambang jika perlu.

cidi_t said...

kn aku dh cakap....
boleh buat modal blog ko kes nih...