I Have An Issue II

I love this bunch of people so much! They are my family.

It has been a while since I last write, and people have started asking me to write back. Alhamdulillah.

People do love my writing after all, and I couldn't thank them enough for that.
I spend my last three weeks managing Fiesta Teater Senandika.

It started well and it ended well. Everything went paralleled with plan, except we didn't have full house audience during the finale. I was a bit disappointed but looking at the bright side, the ceremony went well with The Honourable Dato' Vice Chancellor himself present at the ceremony.

I have to accept the fact that there are art-blinded people in the university. And it is part of our responsibility to open their eyes and change their perception. Man, that is one hell of heavy burden on our shoulders.

A friend asked me, what is my greatest strength. I answered I'm confident with myself and what I'm doing. He nodded. Then he asked me again, what is my greatest weakness. I said at times, I'm too confident with myself and what I'm doing.

Emak often advised me not to be too confident in everything, and I tend to do that at all times. I put high expectation, put all hopes, and give my all to get what I want. What I didn't realize is how bad would it affect me when I lose everything. I won't have anything to rely on. And what I didn't realize is the pressure I gave to myself to achieve perfectness.

What I fear most is losing control of myself, losing control of my work and losing control of people around me. My nature being the second born does reflects my whole personality. Being a leader isn't an easy job. But I think, I'll survive doing it.

I know to gain respect from others, I need to respect them first. I'm learning to be a good leader, as lined by Islam, as meant by my name itself, Amir. The leader.

And now, my journey have long started. And I'm getting more comfortable with it. Alhamdulillah.


mocQachinno said...

and i'm not in the picture??
ni yg mak qa nk marah ni!

nyda said...

sy pun tak de lam gmbar..jadi..amir tak syg sy la...huhuhu

Sengal Ubi said...

to eqa,

mak qa, kaedah nye gambar pak ngah ada ke? takde kan? hehehe~ fair and square la tuh.

to sis nyda,

gambar kamu ada di hati saya. saya tak mahu tunjuk pada yang lain. hehehe~ kamu tahu tempat kamu di hati saya...

nyda said...

hehehe..tau dahh..
saje je gedik