The Waka Waka of World Cup 2010

Everybody is excited (well, almost everybody) for today's kick-off match between South Africa and Mexico. After 4 years waiting for the world giants to rub their shoulders against one another in South Africa, medias- newspapers, televisions and advertisements turn focus on World Cup. And since I don't have a TV at home (I'm staying in Singapore now), I can only rely on the internet to get the updates on my favourite teams, the fixture on the teams line-up and the players' scandals, which have become the spices of World Cup.

The team that I support for is England (and will forever be England) and I think Spain has the brightest chance on winning the World Cup. But nevertheless, I believe that England will make surprises in the campaign. And this Saturday's match with USA should in your must-watch agenda.

Back to analysis, you can always check the internet (I tell you they are really reliable) so I will not do repetitive work. So why not spend a few moments flipping today's newspaper (the sport section) and read on articles and columns about every team hopes and dreams on lifting the World Cup. Even England is being secretive on the line-up against USA this Saturday (according to Captain Steven Gerrard) and I think it's a good strategy (never let the media leak all the confidential information).

And you still don't know why I think Spain will win the World Cup? Okay, let me tell you why.

Most teams (especially the top four favourites) have their key players- Brazil: Kaka, Argentina: Lionel Messi, Holland: Robin van Persie (just to name a few) but Spain has the best world players in every departments, with addition of Fernando Torres and David Villa in forward, and plus, they won Euro 2008, which is a big thing to be proud for.

Still don't get it? (sorry, I'm not good in memorizing names like my brothers) Relax. World Cup is for a month, and during this one month, anything can happen. Like I always say to my friends, in football, anything can happen.

The Waka Waka is in the air!

Good luck team England!

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