Lost In The Middle Of Translation

I assume that you all know that I'm currently doing my industrial training in National University of Singapore Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Initiative as a researcher. Well, that's what my job prescription tells me.

Most of the times, I got lost in my own office. This isn't my place and my space, therefore getting lost is a common thing and I'm trying my best to cope with it. Whenever I walk around the building and end up being nowhere, I'll remember where I started and looked around to think whether should I go back or keep walking and see where will my legs take me.

In life, we always have options when we're stuck doing something. We can either stop and go back to where we start and get it all done all over again or we can continue from where we stop and see what we might end up with. There is possibility of failing, but not everytime you succeed doing something.

People always mistaken failing by assuming it as losing everything and call themselves losers. Many didn't know that it took 999 trials for Eddie Thompson to light a bulb. He didn't take himself as a failure, but learnt that there are 999 ways that will not light the bulb. And then, people invented a numerical method called trial and error, where you have to do a few trials (most of the time it's plenty of trials) till you get a sustained outcome value, then you know that your input value is correct.

It's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from it. Repeating it may be unwise but who knows you might do better? We never know what awaits us ahead, but I assure you that if you challenge yourself to do something puzzling, the satisfaction that you'll get in the end will worth it.

I know because I've been there and I've done that, and I'm telling you, it's fun doing it.

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