The Girl In The Green Blouse

For the first time in my life, I chased after a girl. This time it was for real.

But I didn't succeed though.

I was sitting on a bench, having pieces of bread and a cup of white coffee for breakfast when she came.

The girl in the green blouse. God, I swear she looked fantastic. With scarf covering her head, it made her looked sweet. And a smiley curve on her face, made her even sweeter.

My heart melted for this one.

She came towards me, and my heart started pounding.

"Hi... You know where is LT7A?", she asked.

I never heard of LT7A, never came across one. I know where the other LTs are (LT stands for Lecture Theater) but I seriously have no idea where LT7A is.

"Er... LT7A?", I answered back.

"Yeah... It's at EA.", she added.

It sounded like E8. I heard it wrongly. I seriously did. I know there are only 5Es and 1EA (E indicates the block name) but I've never heard of such name.

"It's okay if you don't know."

"Er... I'm really sorry."

"It's okay. Don't be. Thanks anyway."


When she was walking down the stair and heading to God knows where, I wanted to stop her and ask her on the block name again. I thought the least I can do is accompany her to find the location and bring her there.

But I didn't do it. I stood up, and I sat back. I did nothing. How foolish I was.

And I regretted it anyway. So when I was done with my breakfast, I rushed to FOE (Faculty of Engineering) lobby and hoping she would be wondering somewhere. And I was praying I would bump into her.

But it didn't happened anyway.

Then I looked around the lobby and I saw LT7A signage. God, I knew it was there. I actually know the direction. Why didn't I guide her in the first place.

There is a career seminar in LT7A and I think she will be attending it, that was why she asked me for the direction.

And now, I plan on waiting in front of LT7A, hoping that she would come out and spot me, and say my apology for not doing anything.

And maybe I can ask for her number too.

But what if she already in a relationship with someone?

Or should I just proceed with my plan and give it a try. The least that I can do is try.

God, I am helpless in crush with the girl in the green blouse. Do give me a second chance. I swear I won't screw it up again.

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