Debate Again

If I need to thank somebody in debate, I would thank Hafizee.

Who's Hafizee? He's just a friend. A good friend. He was the one who invited to join debate. He was the one who persuaded me to come to training. He was the one who thought I had talent in the debate.

He was actually the one who brought me to debate.

I never get the chance to team up with him in tournaments. I only get that chance during practice. And the only debate memory I had with him was during last year Royals.

How I wish he never moved and still here in UMP to debate with me. How I can just wish. Will I ever debate with him again? I hope so.


Nurul Nuha =) said...

awwww!! penyayang nyer amir & kawan dia dalam gambar..huahuahua =p

Sengal Ubi said...

jgn buat kontroversi~
tu senior debate la nuha~