When I was walking back from class, I realized something. Failure teaches us to learn our mistakes and find another way to achieve what we want i.e victory, success, triumph, etc.

I figured out many people look at failure from the negative side. Yes, people like to judge other people because they think they're better but the fact is that they are not. My friends did that too. Just because I failed something and they didn't, I was underestimated and insulted. As if I'd done the biggest mistake in life. And just because they didn't fail, they thought they're far better. They even tried to teach me the meaning of life.

And I think they're wrong.

People can say what they want to say, if they think the freedom of speech is theirs in this so-called democratic country. What matter most is what you say about yourself, not what people say about you. People can say you're stupid in studies that's why you failed Maths or they'll blame your involvement in activities that they think the reason why you neglect your studies. Well I'll say because I lack of time management and I didn't manage my time wisely, I failed Maths and I didn't give full commitment in my studies, so next time I will manage my time wisely and give full commitment in studies.

Did I blame myself or I blame the activity I was involved with? I will definitely blame myself.

Failure teaches us the meaning of life. If we're too afraid to fail in something, then we'll never succeed. I came to that conclusion today. The more you fail, the more knowledge you gain. You know what are the right things to do and what are the wrong things that you should avoid. The fact is that we're all educated to be perfectionists and no matter what happens, in the end, we shouldn't fail. That's totally absurd.

If you failed in doing something, look from the positive side, be optimistic. Review back what you did wrong and see what you can do to address that matter. Try doing the same thing the other way round and see the end result. Compare the two ways that you used to achieve what you want and in the end, you'll know what failure has taught you.

I know my friends don't think the way I think. No matter how hard I take to explain to them, they'll never understand me. Let them do things their way and let me do things my way. After all, I believe there's more than one way to achieve triumph. Engineering world is challenging and yet it's wide. It's not as easy and as narrow like what my friends think. I believe what they read in books and by just relying on books won't help them much with their engineering career. Let's see when they reach that stage and they fail in their career, what will they say about failure then.

By the way, do you prefer me to write in Malay or continue writing in English. Give me your thoughts because at the moment, I'm really undecided.

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Nurul Nuha =) said...

english and malay..hmmm..
i'm okay with both.. =)

takkan la ko nak stick to one language je..

amir, take it easy! bunyi cam complicated gila hidup ko.. =)