Chikungunya... You Think The Name Is Funny? Think Again

For everything that happened, there's always a silver lining.

I came across Alia's comment in one of the entries that I posted lately. There's no need to apologize Alia as you were ill and I didn't knew the exact state of your health at that time. And I should be the one thanking you for exposing Chikungunya to all of us during the camp. I'm not referring "exposing" to spreading the disease, but more likely on giving information on the subject. When you told us about the disease, nobody knew how harmful it was. Even I made fun of its name. I didn't knew it was a fatal illness until I read an article about Chikungunya written by Dr. Azlan Darus from the Ministry of Health.

Penyakit Chikungunya adalah penyakit jangkitan virus yang disebarkan oleh gigitan nyamuk Aedes. Gejala utama jangkitan adalah demam panas, rasa sakit yang teruk pada sendi terutamanya sendi kecil dan ruam. Chikungunya tidak menyebabkan kematian dan adalah ’self-limiting’ ataupun sembuh dengan sendiri. Pesakit cuma memerlukan rawatan simptomatik dan rehat secukupnya, namun gejala sakit sendi boleh berlarutan bagi pesakit yang telah berumur. Rawatan hospital hanyalah untuk keadaan tertentu sahaja. Pesakit kebiasaannya memperoleh imuniti sepanjang hayat. Sepertimana jangkitan virus lain, tiada ubat khusus atau vaksin untuk penyakit Chikungunya. Cara paling berkesan untuk mengelakkannya adalah dengan mengawal pembiakan nyamuk Aedes di persekitaran kita.

Lately, there are many cases involving Chikungunya reported in the newspapers nationwide especially in Johor and Kedah. The case has gotten serious and many Malaysians are still unaware of this threat. Few Chikungunya symptoms are sudden onset of high fever, rashes occuring on the hands, legs and body, severe joint pains and headaches, redness of the eyes, nausea and vomiting. The cause of the virus infection is due to the Aedes mosquitoes bites. This disease is similar to viral fever. I were infected by viral fever few times and trust me, it was painful that you wish you were asleep for the whole day.

Yesterday, I experienced few of this symptoms and I lost my apetite. I felt weak and having trouble sleeping. Thank God I'm doing fine now. I've been living at my house with the presence of Aedes mosquitoes for a month and I might as well get infected by it. Well, there's nobody to blame as the back of my house is now the unofficial breeding centre of Aedes mosquitoes and my housing area is surrounded by bushes and industrial factory, making it a stratergic choice for the breeding. And I noticed that the Hulu Langat District Health Department have not fogging my housing area for quite some times and nobody seems to have the initiative to take action on this matter. People have to be educated on Chikungunya and I personally think all parties should play their community responsibilities in order to spread the information on this virus. We don't have to wait for the media to report the death of a resident due to Chikungunya, then only action will be taken. By that time, it might too little, too late for everything.

And I came across an article in the internet that the Aedes mosquitoes are no longer affected by the chemical poisons and they have genetically immuned by it. And in few years time, they might have the ability to breed on waterless surface. They will no longer depend on wet places and they can breed even in dry condition. This is due to the evolution process of the species as an adaption to ensure its survival, and later on this survival will threaten us if we don't act now.

Thanks again Alia for building the awareness in me. And I shall expose it to the others.


Alia said...

You make the right move, Amir :) These articles really right, like me, I experienced serious series of vomiting, countless of vomits in a day - making me feel so flat during those times! (That time was after Raya, so basically, semua lemak2 rendang, ketupat, lemang semuanya vomitted in the process. ngeh, kidding)

About the sleeping, was indeed true! I sleep and sleep and sleep until came this one stage 'my eyes feel pain when they're closed'.

When admitted to the hospital, the doctors don't provide you the exact medicines to cure this.

Moral of the story, drink a lot of water to ensure your blood content is in stable conditions. And chikungunya might be worst that dengue symptoms.

Sengal Ubi said...

Yeah. I was so close to Chikungunya yeaterday but now I'm doing fine. It was like some sort of self-healing and I don't have any idea how you managed to get through all these. Moral of the story: go get your compound and backyard cleaned. The gardening time has arrived!