Goodbye Dear Friend

I hate to talk about friendship and I hate to beg for a second chance in friendship. I don't intend to write this entry and yet thinking how stupid I am not to let go, this is me writing my heart out.

If you ever care to ask what went wrong, I would honestly answer, I don't know. I don't have any answer and to the end, I decided to give in. I don't know if you ever notice that what I seek in this friendship is for you to be happy, and seeing how happy you are now, I consider my job as a friend done.

But I did miss the time we spent together. And I don't want to remember it anymore because there is nothing to treasure. I admire you because you are a great woman and I respect you because you are an inspiration to everybody. You can make people fall for you easily with your charm and you are in everybody's heart. You are their shoulder to cry on and people always seek you for advice.

Your life is full of pain, losing a husband and having three youngsters to keep an eye on, your job as a single-mother is perfectly done and I really respect you for that, and I always have a great respect for you. I was never a good friend, at least never been good enough for you and my stupidity had caused you nothing but trouble.

When I review back my memories with you, I've done nothing in this friendship and now I know why it ended up this way. And here I am, saying goodbye to you. It's hard but I have to do it, I have to let it go. I want you to be happy but seeing you being happy without me in the picture is too painful. I realized that I will never be in your happiness pictures anymore and yet I wonder if I ever were.

I'm sorry if I ever uttered any harsh words to you or any of my wrongdoings pissed you off. I've learnt that the best is to let you go, and here I am, letting you go. Goodbye, my dear friend.