The Juwaidy's

The Juwaidy's is a society consist of people who linked themselves with one another and claimed themselves as families. The Juwaidy's was founded on 7 February 2009 at Pandan Waterfall, Panching and was proposed by Usman and seconded by all members.

The Juwaidy's is a non-profitable society and does not support any political parties and terrorist acts. If we were to discuss any serious matters, we will do it in a fun way. And when it comes to having fun, we are all experts.

The Juwaidy's wish to have all its relatives to come out with activities that will benefit the Juwaidies directly and indirectly. At the moment, the Juwaidy's is patroned by Papa Buddy and Mama Buddy, and is administered by Abang Long, assisted by Abang Ngah.

If you wish to know more about The Juwaidy's and its alliance, click here.

List of members: (Updated 7 February 2009)
1. Papa Buddy
2. Mama Buddy
3. Abang Long
4. Abang Ngah
5. Tiqah Tuty
6. Hajar
7. Juzie
8. Yaya
9. Usman
10. Ama
11. Ain
12. Faera
13. Suhana
14. Syasya
15. Zati Freak
16. Nana
17. Ilyas
18. Whose Na
19. Abang


Anonymous said...

WeLL, ProuD to saY......i'm One Of The famiLy MeMber...Yeah, i do agree wiTh The statement..And, i really Love u aLL...!

P/s: angah....U da brubah skRg...Why?ur lil sis here miss u so much..I want back my caring,protective,loving and 'sengal' angah...Give me back my angah...!Pulang kan....


EdUE said...

Can I just laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh? Hahahaha!

Yup, it was a very great day spending time together with the Juwaidy's. Hope we can go to Jerangkang or Bekelah next time. Say on 7th Mar? Hehe...

Love U all so much!


Anonymous said...

love love love...
now ive found myself again,fit confortably in the circle of love of this wonderful family..THE JUWAIDY'S..pray that Allah will bless us and let us remain as family for eternity..insyaAllah..

with love,