Meredith Grey: Quote 3

Intimacy is a four-syllabel word for here are my heart and soul. Please gripe them into the hamburger. And enjoy. It’s for desired and fear. Difficult to live with. And impossible to love without. Intimacy also comes attach to life’s three R’s. Relatives, romance and roommates. There are some things you can’t escape. And other things you just don’t wanna know. I wished there were rules about the intimacy. Some kind of a guy that can tell you when you crossed the line. It would be nice if you could see it coming. Not only they don’t know how you fit in the map. You take it when you can get it. And keep it as long as you can. And as for rules, maybe there are none. Maybe the rules are virtually or something you have to define for yourself.

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twin warriors88 said...

woihh..ko g mane tu? siap bwak beg lgi.. ni mesti kes xde air kat ump ni kan.. ha3 budget muke mandi... =p