This Isn't A Love Story

Somehow, I knew I crossed the line.

It was unintentionally done. I wasn't thinking deep enough and I was emotionally unstable. I was having a rough week and everything seems damaged. Nothing were functioning.

I knew I showed faces. I showed anger. I showed annoyance.

And people were annoyed.

God, forgive my soul.

It's okay if people want to judge. It's their rights to do so. But in every story, there are three sides. Your side. My side. And the truth.

So, here is my side of the story.

I was doing what was best for everybody. Apparently nobody seemed to acknowledge it. I wasn't being democratic. I have to make decisions and I hate making one when it involves everybody. So, in the end, I made a choice. And it wasn't favourable. But I made a choice.

At this moment, I'm willing to accept the consequences. But as I know that people did sacrifice for me, I too sacrificed something for them.

How I wished this whole thing is only a dream.

I need to wake up now!

Perhaps I was overreacting because I was afraid. Afraid of many things that I couldn't encounter.


Anonymous said...

relax..this is how about life keep going babeh!!..heehe okie!

Dalila Husni said...

amir,why oh why?

Sengal Ubi said...


bang bil pernah cakap, relax... bukan dekat shopping complex... huhuhu~

Sengal Ubi said...

dalila husni,

aku rasa aku terpengaruh sangat la dengan grey's anatomy. aku dah macam dr. bailey dah. huhuhu~

N a d said...

then,u should watch prison break..=D
mntaw jd tabah+kuwat cm sara tencredi...heee~~
**xde kne mngene...saje jewp nk gune name pb(bkn plumbum)

Sengal Ubi said...


x mo. grey's anatomy lg best. mengajar erti idop. huhuhu~