Lesson Learnt

It has been almost a month since I last posted an entry in this blog. Sometimes, I even forget that I have few blogs to run.

Nothing much happened to me except the fact that I am a third year student now and I'm half way in finishing my degree course. And I know these upcoming semesters will hurt a lot but the show must go on right?

The last two months were mentally tiring for me. And I did learnt few things from the mistakes I did.

Number one: Don't make assumptions on something that you don't know and by saying that you don't know, the one thing that you need to do is to ask people around to you will have better understanding on something.

Number two: When you are leading a society or a group, you have to ignore all your principles in life so that you will not encounter contradictions that may force you to take irrational actions towards your colleagues and members. You have to be diplomatic and approachable. You cannot take sides and you have to hear from both sides before making any conclusions and actions. And for anything happens, the blames will indirectly go to you but you have to be wise in correcting things so that the scenario will not get worsen and intelligently tackled.

Number three: Don't let your emotion cloud your senses. And don't jump to fast and short-term conclusions because once you have taken the action and you found out that the action taken was inappropriate, you might regret your judgement and people will lose their respect on you.

And it is never too late to correct things up. I believe in that. Maybe it just take few moment for all of us to figure out a way of getting out from this whole mess.

And now, lesson learnt.

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