44 Hours On Road

I thought of going on vacation weeks ago, but looking at my financial status, I knew the idea was impossible.

Last two days, my theater family and I was on road for 44 hours, having our hang-out moment watching theater performances in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

It was superb! And all the praises go with it.

Having stuck with these people for 44 hours, I had real fun with these people. Real fun.

Whoever said I was wasting my time all these while with theater and the theater people must have gotten his life isolated from fun, pleasure and happiness. You were totally wrong dude! Shame on you.



farahza said...

44 hours...that's long amir...glad u have fun!!! :D

aku chuck said...

btol amir...enjoy giler...biler nk wt lg??aku tgu j....hihihih

YoU~YuN said...

sye setuju..!!

nyda said...

next time nak itot!