Roti Canai

Years ago when we were all still kids, we used to love eating Roti Canai with sugar. It tasted sweet and we used to love the sweetness. Though Mum and Dad bought the Roti Canai with curry, we hated the curry and asked for sugar instead.

But now, things have changed. When someone around my age asked Roti Canai to be served with sugar, he got laughed instead. He said to be immature and childish for asking such thing while years ago when he did the same thing, nobody seemed to question it.

So I asked myself, is it wrong to eat Roti Canai with sugar at the age of 21 when I think it is best served with sugar? Why do we have to be so judgemental with people's choices in life? Do we have to question it and pretend like we care?

And I got laughed doing things that I want, like eating Roti Canai with sugar. And I told myself not to care about it. And you should do the same too.


nyda said...

ingat lagi kecik2 dulu makan roti canai dengan gula...sedappppp..
penah makan dengan susu pekat tak??
lagiii besttt...hehehe

tapi jgn amal slalu..
nnt dapat penyakit plak

a.z.a.l.e.a said...

ignore them all lah..
i still love eating roti canai that way.. it tastes good.. ;)

what's so weird about that anyway.. they never complained about finding some "real people" eating big apples' doughnuts with spoon and fork.

let's simply do everything in our way la kan. darn them la if they disagree.

Sengal Ubi said...

sis nyda,

suka jugak makan macam tu. malam ni try la. tapi kena beli susu dulu la. huhuhu~

Sengal Ubi said...


that would be ridiculous. hahaha~

Dyat said...

Kata seorang chef, "You may dont know much about cookery... but you know what you like"

Roti canai hanya sedap waktu garing, kalau saya.

nyda said...

setuju jugak dengan dyat

miss said...

amir, cepat la update entry baru... huhu