For The Greater Good

I haven't updated this blog for quite some times, I apologize for that. My bad.

I did a lot of thinking lately, and part of it was having the idea of deleting this blog. If you ask me any justification for that, I would say I don't have any reason for doing so, I just feel like doing it.

Yeah, how stupid I was for having such thought. Not having a reason to do something unreasonable reflects the stupidity in me.

Okay, I might not be stupid, but I was being inappropriate.

Two months with no updates, an email came from a reader, claiming that she has been a silent reader of my blog for a long time, inquired on my dysfunctional blog.

I told her I wasn't in the mood to write for the past few months and I intended on deleting this blog.

Her feedback wasn't supportive at all, in fact she questioned my decision and gave me a testimonial on my writing and asked me to review back my intention.

"You write well and your words came from your heart. You spoke your mind clearly and you made people realized it's okay to do mistakes as long as they learn something from it. I personally think that you should continue writing because there are things about you that rose curiousity among your readers, especially how simple your mind works, and what seems to simple in your eyes is complicated in the eyes of others. You made us realized that everything is easy when you know how to make everything simple".

I did gave that testimonial a thought and I rejected my own idea. Maybe I should resume writing but this time, I want it to be different and I want it to bring good to other people. In such way, this will be my contribution to the community and hopefully it will make the world a better place.

Putting the world at a better place with my gibberish writing? You bet I won't succeed.

Bill Clinton wrote in a book titled Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World that even a small deed can make a difference to the world, as this is my small deed to the world.

We should all start writing because we never knew what good could it bring. But at some point, when people ask you what have you contributed to the world, you can tell them this:

I write and I hope my stories inspire people to do good to the world.

Let us all aim for the greater good, by writing.


Dyat said...

Salam ami,
Tulisan yang bagus!
Tapi sekarang blog saya gian bergambar =D

Sengal Ubi said...

salam bro dayat!
blog bergambar dengan quotes yang membuatkan kita berfikir, is something for people to look on. mungkin orang yang pakai spectacles john lennon memang seperti itu =p