The Untold Stories

People blog for reasons. I bet you know what the reasons are.
I define blogging as an act of making yourself heard. It's like pieces of papers with your writings on it and published without any editing and censoring. Of course, you speak your mind and you write what your heart tells you to.

Living in a country where freedom of speech is technically practiced with certain boundaries added to it to avoid hurting the sensitivity of the people, blogging is an effective tool of channeling ideas to viewers. In such way, credibility and responsibility are necessary for bloggers to be accountable of their writing.

The readers, on the other hand are accountable of reading and interpreting what they have read so that they will not be misunderstood, misinterpreted and misjudged with their own conclusions.
I honestly say that mainstream medias in Malaysia are no longer reliable. In most cases, only one side stories are told and the other side is put in silence.

Fairness and equality of the media are seldom questioned not only by politicians, but the people as well.

If your parents read to you before your bedtime, and read you story of Robin Hood for example. You must be amazed of how heroic Robin Hood was and the King was the villain. But does it ever crossed your mind that the King took the citizens' money as tax payment and Robin Hood was stealing the government tax? If you didn't notice this, just give it a thought on other stories. You will find that whatever the characters did, the did it for a reason. And it is up to you to jugde the good guys and the bad guys.

I know it is hard living in conservative society. I somehow still have faith that these minds can be changed if we can find a method to open these minds.

It takes a great amount of strength to move a mountain but it only takes a little effort to change a mind.

Together, we can change.


alim sacred said...

nothing in the future is certain.
but because it is uncertain, it give us a choice to keep on hoping.

Dyat said...

salam ami.
kedengaran seperti obama...

IFyaNi said...

Together, we can change.

yeah, I forgot how interesting your blog posts are.

Judiene said...

full of unrevealed meaning
somehow you got me thinking
and you're right about it
and i can't think no more

i'm new here
thinking of following you