Don't Say You Can't Do Anything

I'm certain that everybody is aware of the climate change. If you don't, you're lucky to be in the outer space.

I don't want to talk about the causes and the consequences because I'm sure that everybody knows you impactful climate change is. Again, if you don't, you're lucky being alphabetically-blind not not being able to read.

One question that we were suppose to answer from the very beginning - what can we do for a change?

Most will say that they have no authority to do anything. Honestly, that is one of the stupidest answer ever written in history.

Change can happen anywhere, anytime and any place, that is a fact that we all should bear in mind.

A simple step like stop asking for plastic bags from the supermarkets or grocery shops should be a good start. After all, bringing your own shopping bags or carry small amount of groceries won't burden you much.

And when you come across rubbish on the floor and on the street, it won't hurt you at all by picking it up and dispose it into the garbage bin. Instead of seeing it and do nothing, you just did a deed to the environment. And if you couldn't find any garbage bin around you, why not keep the rubbish with you for a while and dispose it at home or at any places with garbage bins? That should be a terrific idea.

Seriously, if we have 34 degree celcius daytime temperature all year round and yet we still have insufficient conscious on the environment protection, let us bid a very warm welcome to fatal natural disasters. I'm sure many can't wait.

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