Chemical Engineering Australia Challenge 2009

On 13 March 2010, we presented our report and findings from Australia academic visit (Chemical Engineering Australia Challenge 2009) to UMP community. Among those presented were Yang Hormat Dato' Vice Chancellor, Yang Hormat Dato' Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International), Chief Deputy Registrar of Research & Innovation Department and Director of International Office.

Below are the presentation slides. Kudos to the team for the good presentation, as responded by Yang Hormat Dato' Vice Chancellor. Well done mate!


Nurul Nuha said...

amir, jom pergi melbourne lagi! aussie best! :D

Sengal Ubi said...

airasia is having sale now.the price is afforable.but i'm planning to go to perth this december.may to july saya internship di singapore.come and visit me sista!

Nurul Nuha said...

oh bummer :( i dah beli pun tiket gi singapore TAPI in late august.

yeah teringin nak gi oz lagi tapi maybe next year kot sbb nak kumpul duit duluuuu :)

Sengal Ubi said...

late august?i might be having my mid-term masa tu.then boleh la i join you.hahaha!next year sounds ok.dilos pun tak habis study lagi kan.nextb year,i'm almost finish!