The Land of Hornbills

I have never set foot on the Borneo before. And being a first timer, the excitement of being a tourist in my own country got the better of me. And Kuching was splendid for a start. I would definitely come back for the rest.

 River Sarawak. Taken while cruising the river using a traditional boat

The Astana, the official residence of the Governor of Sarawak. Taken from the bank of River Sarawak at sunset

 The new Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Hall, opened in 2009. Situated nearby Fort Magherita (which was a nightmare to find!)

 The view of River Sarawak at sunset. Taken from the Kuching waterfront. The river separates Kuching into two parts. North Kuching on the right side and South Kuching on the left side

The Sarawak State Museum. At walking distance from Padang Merdeka. The Arts Museum was sort of spooky to explore on your own

A local tribe's pole, which shows the richness and diversity of heritage and culture of Sarawakians

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