Great Serdang Debating Championship 2008

I just came back from the Great Serdang Debating Championship, held in Universiti Putra Malaysia from 22 May 2008 to 26 May 2008.

It was my first English debate tournament. I gained a lot of lessons in terms of motion analysis and point presentation. Adding value to my experience since the format of the tournament is Austral instead of Asian Parliamentary. The debate was about principles and philosophies instead of mechanism and practical.

Teaming up with Sunil Shanaz and Thilagawathi, the semi-finalists of Debat Piala Sultan Zainal Abidin was something I was looking forward to. I do believe we made a good team, just in my own opinion I need to attend more practices to make me an equivalent speaker as my teammates. They helped me a lot throughout the tournament in terms of trust and support, and I thank them for it.

Thank you Madam Chiam, Ashwin and Abang Azwan for the trust. It meant a lot to me. Thanks to all the English debaters: Arvin, Siti Rahmah, Jo Ann, Charlene, Chin Fei, Sunil, Thilagawathi, Jayabalan, Madana and Yan Xin for the great outing watching Indiana Jones and Ironman. Not to forget Kak Rozanna for being with us during the tournament.

Just can't want for the practices and the upcoming tournaments!

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Anonymous said...

yup,it's nic 2 debate 2gather wif u.
but thers lot of thing u need 2 improve,k.
p/s dont emo k!