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The cast displayed good acting skills. Both actors who played the roles of Engku Daffa and Azman were very much into their roles. Mohd Amiruddin Fadzli as Engku Daffa a capitalist was believable. His performance reached its peak even at the beginning of the play when he spoke to the audience about the character’s life story. Both their vocal volumes were good. Azman showed a clear difference in his voice when he was a nurse with soft character and he was retailed. He turned into a great villain at the end. His role displayed the Yin and Yang characteristics and was performed well. The role of Engku Daffa as a paralytic was performed with excellent body language. When Azman pulled him out of his bed, the actor staged a fall just like a paralytic imaginably would.
-Thamayanthi Thangavelu

Engku Daffa and Azman played their roles as a cruel employer and as a nurse suitably. As a capitalist with physical disability, Mohd Amiruddin Fadzli involved in his role perfectly. His acting expresses the pain of being negligible and arrogance of being rich which brought us into the real situation. On the other hand, Azman as a private nurse to Engku Daffa creates an impression of a soft character among the audience and unexpectedly turns into an extreme character. The turning point of the character played by Azman attracted the audience. His body language and dialogue matches for taking revenge upon his employer.
-Ashvaany Egambaram

In comparison, I personally like Nor Azam as Azman. He gets into the feeling of the character as a personal nurse very well. In my opinion, Azman’s character is a complex character but he acted successfully. For the character, it includes many elements like sadness, stupidity and revenge. For Engku Daffa’s character, there are two elements which are cruel and frighten. Roughly, both actors can feel the character nicely.
-Zakaria Abdul Rahman

The performers did a good job and really gave life to the character in their own way. It was pretty interesting. I preferred Nor Azam as Azman as the nurse. Since the first, he really acted as a guilty and nerdy character but finally he totally twisted his character to a maniac and psychotic. It really impressed me when he acted as a killer. He opened his eyes widely and acted so fierce and different. Mohd Amiruddin Fadzli as Engku Daffa did a great job too, where he acted as an angry boss all the time and finally got crying because of Azman’s torture. His character suits well too when his style and elegance in the opening part, the high voice of his to show his ego and revenge on his parents.
-Mohd Aizuddin Abu Bakar

The performers acted smoothly and with full of feeling especially Engku Daffa. He played his role with a very strong soul. When he talk, shout and act, it is like a real situation. It was pretty interesting. It really impressed me when Azman acted as a killer and Engku Daffa cannot do anything to protect himself.
-Nur Khuzairy Jamaludin

The actors did a really great job. Mohd Amiruddin Fadzli is plausible in the way he acted as an aggressive boss even the character is disable. He plays a good role in the end of being helpless when being tortured by Azman. Nor Azam should be credited when he brought the character from a normal innocent man to a psychotic man. Their voices and tones really suit the character.
-Mohd Hafiz Hasbullah

About the acting part, the actors did a good job. Engku Daffa’s character was played really good from the voice, feeling expression and body movement. The audience was really interested when it reached the fighting scene. It was like a real part. About the volume and articulation, Azman and Engku Daffa used a suitable tone at the right time.
-Mohd Razif Zenudin

Azman and Engku Daffa played the acting very well. Even there was some technical problem with the sound system, the actors were not nervous to handle the situation. The intonation of the actors is almost flawless and it is almost 80% perfect. The intonation is suitable with the characteristics of each character. The actors made full use of their body gesture and made the acting looked alive with their acting.
-Khawarizmi Abdullah

In my opinion, both actors showed good efforts to make the theatre alive. They know how to be the selected actors in the theatre by showing the most proper feeling in every scene. The tone of their voice is very good and matched with the background music, In addition, their gestures and body movements made the scenes of the play real.
-Mohamad Haniffa Mohamed

The characters in this theatre are very clear and they gave the best performance while acting. Mohd Amiruddin Fadzli as Engku Daffa plays the character of someone who is greedy in business without concerning on his labours, workers and people around him. He just wants money, luxuries, title and someone who has revenge on his parents. He did not get perfect love from his parents and that made him hated them. While Nor Azam played the role of Engku Daffa’s personal nurse who is loyal towards Engku Daffa and obey all his commands. At first he was scared and frightened but towards the end, he changed to somebody different by being rebellious. Their gesture, body movement, pronunciation and articulation speak well about their character.
-Ariff Che Mohd Noor

Both actors were doing well. They were able to bring the characters vividly. And the audience gave their own share of reaction of the theatre. Some were a bit carried away, apparently disgusted with Engku Daffa’s personality. The actors were able to give life to their characters, their expressions were natural. Especially when Azman was determined to terminate Engku Daffa. Most of the time, the audience could not hide their dislike for Engku Daffa. For me, I only enjoyed the initial part.
-Eppi Regar

Mohd Amiruddin Fadzli acts as Engku Daffa. In this play, he acts as an arrogant man that is proud of his prosperity and his money. He acted well as the character and he is good in controlling his body gestures and movements. His voice is in high tone and the audience can hear clearly what he is saying. As for Nor Azam as Azman, he acted well suitable with his physical and his gestures and body movements are fit with the character. He can control his emotion well according to the character. His voice is a bit slow and it affected his performance a bit.
-Marliyani Omar

Both actors played their role perfectly according to the writer actual desire. They understand the sense knotted lies behind the script. Their performance was all excellent. Mohd Amiruddin Fadzli playing the most powerful character which is Engku Daffa who are pragmatic, manipulator and capitalist. He played his character well. He collaborated with Nor Azam as Azman who brought a great impact to the audience. He acts as an extremist who finally killed Engku Daffa. Azman is a symbol of fundamentalism. Their act was so believable and they are able to capture the audience attention. Mohd Amiruddin Fadzli is a magnificent actor and his volume and articulation flows well. Their gestures and body movements was well conveyed and stayed true to the character. They really know the character they are bringing.
-Junainah Tusnan

Performance of the actors was good. Their volume was loud enough. Their gestures and body movements were fantastic, well conveyed and stayed true to the character. The actors are very talented. Their acts were really touching as we can get angry and disgusted with Engku Daffa and felt sympathy for Azman.
-Mohd Azrul Amin Yunus

Between these two main actors, I really like Nor Azam as Azman. He really can act as Azman successfully. In my opinion, Azman is a dynamic character and really hard to act but Nor Azam made it well. Engku Daffa too is a dynamic character but not as hard as Azman. But all the actors have done their job nicely and sometimes made me feel to watch it again. Some of the phrases that I will never forget is by Azman: “to kill people like Engku Daffa is a must for all people in the world”. For me, the phrase is really appropriate with this theatre. I was surprised because I never expected that Azman will say that because it is as same as my monolog.
-Aminurrasyid Abas

Both main characters in this play show a great enthusiasm and really stand in the real characters’ shoes. They have also undermined the meaning of the play because Engku Daffa and Azman have come across as being virtually the same in mission. The volume, gestures, movement of both performers and considering the characters’ point of view made me see themselves as both protagonist characters. The characters clearly establish they story’s meaning, hitting the marks and really expressing themselves as actual human beings.
-Norazlina Ab Rahman

The reviews are given by students who studied Critical Thinking Through Literature under Madam Normala Samsudin. They are students of Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Universiti Malaysia Pahang.


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