What is the price of an ego?

Does it have a price that we can live with. I've heard many talked about a man's ego but they'd never define its price. To my assumption, it's priceless but to some, it's valueless. Funny how people think that way.

I've got this far, in my ego journey where I'm capable enough to put a price on it. Yes. I've been through a lot and I don't regret it. You may say it's part of my stupidity. Apparently my stupidity has taught me the best lesson in life. I bet many didn't know.

"Never say you're wrong when you think you're right"

Again I said, it sounded foolish but it's true.

Nobody has the right to be your judge. None of them are qualified. Why listen to what they said then?

In this so-called maturity, you could have think on your own. Then, start thinking! If you think you're right, defend it. If you think you're wrong, correct it.

Lesson in life has taught me not to show your weakness to your opponents. They might stab you even they're your best friend.

My teacher once said:

"Beware of your surrounding. Trust nobody"

He has a point. Some might look at ego the negative way. I doubt it.

Being ego tells people how bad you are and tells you how good you are to yourself. Always keep something for yourself when it comes to losing all, you still have something to hold on to.

Life isn't as sweet as fairy tales. Wonderful but not realistic. Life requires to meet the challenges and that need strength. Being ego gives you strength. Trust me, I know.

What is the price of an ego? If I can sell myself, then that will be my price of ego.


miss said...

Ego is there to test how far you would go for something or for someone.. Heheh. The fact that you know the price of your ego would be sufficed.

Sengal Ubi said...

to miss:

couldn't agree more.