I haven't celebrated my birthday for quite some times. I think the last time I'd a birthday celebration was like years ago, when I was still schooling. Birthdays aren't a great deal. So, I don't bother remembering my birthday nor celebrating it.

There are reasons of not celebrating. Number one, there's nothing to celebrate. Two, it's just a day you get a year older and there's no big deal with the age. It signifies nothing. Third, why should people be bothered with my birthday when they have better things to attend to.

Sometimes I forgot my birthday until someone came and wished and I will be like "I didn't know that today is my birthday". Like I said it meant nothing to me.

Anyway, to those who are celebrating it, wish you many happy returns and may you have a blast year ahead. Happy birthday!


Dyat said...

salam ami.
selamat hari lahir.
moga diberkati umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. huhu

Sengal Ubi said...

tak sampai lagi la bro dayat. sambutan hari lahir tak beerti sangat kepada saya. mungkin saya betah begitu.