He, Who Likes Ice-Cream

I wanted to write a story about a boy who likes ice-cream.
You can like anything you want in life, but one thing that you can't help but like most is something that you like to have before you breathe out your last breath. He, Who Likes Ice-Cream is plotted to be a sad story, about a boy desiring to have an ice-cream the night before he died.

Jimmy, the boy has been diagnosed with dysfunctional organs ever since forever. He never knew how to ride a bicycle, he doesn't have any friends. He has nobody except Amanda, his mother. He never knew his father and he never cared. Despite that he lay all day on bad, he has crave for ice-creams. He likes the colours. He prefers the flavors and he love biting the cones. He thinks the best ice-cream in the world is Baskin Robins and the mother never failed to buy one on her way back home from work, everyday.

But one night, everything goes wrong with Jimmy. Nothing seems to work and the doctor gave up on him.
He has few months to live and he never knows it. Amanda hid the secret from him. One night, just minutes passing midnight, Jimmy asks for ice-cream. But the mother refuses. The next day, he dies. With a note left on the table. "I wanted an extra ice-cream before I go to sleep but you didn't give me one. I hate you".

The note affects the mother. She fails to tell her son that she loves him. Only because she didn't grant his one last wish. And Jimmy will only be remembered as the boy who likes ice-cream. Not more than that. Not even loved by his mother. The end.

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© bLurr said...

mesti mummy dia sedey gila kan? huhuh

Sengal Ubi said...

aku tak tahu nak buat the mother the type yang ada perasaan ke tak.i'm trying to avoid cliches.